Brown Equipment MFG

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We are a laser fabrication company that has been in business in Charlotte since 1947.

Brown Equipment is a state-of-the-art LASER Fabrication facility with 20,000 sq feet of manufacturing space that provides clients with precision cut fabricated parts.

Whether you need parts from Carbon steel, Stainless steel or Aluminum,  we have the capability to cut, form, weld, blast and stamp within our facility!

Update: We will be moving into our new facility located in Monroe NC projected in mid August! This new facility will be double the manufacturing space to accommodate our clients and customers in a much more efficient manner.   On top of that, we will be adding a fourth HK Laser to improve out output as well. 

Due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, we are not allowing any outside visitors at this time. We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your business. 

Our commitment to quality and customer service is our number one priority!
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