Brown Equipment MFG


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We are a laser fabrication company that has been in business in Charlotte since 1947.

Brown Equipment is a state-of-the-art LASER Fabrication facility with 32,000 sq feet of manufacturing space that provides clients with precision cut fabricated parts.

Whether you need parts from Carbon steel, Stainless steel or Aluminum,  we have the capability to cut, form, weld, blast and stamp within our facility! 

Our equipment list includes:

 Three HK Lasers (One CO2 and Two Fiberoptic), CNC Cincinnati Press Brakes (up to 230 tons). 

We have in house robotic & manual welding as well as other miscellaneous supporting equipment such as Virtek LaserQC for the best in Quality Control.

Through our partnering companies we can provide: Powder Coating, Plating, and Galvanizing.

Our lasers can handle steel up to 1” thick, 60” wide by 120” long. 

We can also cut aluminum and Stainless Steel up to 1/2 inch in thickness.

Sawing and Shot Blasting

Our commitment to quality and customer service is our number one priority!
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